The Ger­man Natio­nal Gar­den Show Mann­heim 2023

BUGA 23* – Bright Prospects

The Ger­man natio­nal gar­den show (“BUGA”*= short for “Bun­des­gar­ten­schau”) will be taking place in Mann­heim from April through to Octo­ber 2023.

Located in the grounds of Spinelli park, a former US military base, and extending into Luisenpark, the location of the 1975 national garden show. During the 180 day period there will be over 5,000 events and attractions including flower shows, cultural exhibitions, leisure, and sport activities. This is a major event not only for Mannheim`s townspeople but the whole of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, locally often referred to as “the delta”. Further the delta area has recently been attracting increasing nationwide interest due to its wide range of attractions. BUGA* will undoubtedly put the area even more “on the map”.

BUGA 23* is a lot more than just a flower show: It will improve the sustainable quality of life and lifestyle in Mannheim. Over seven Kilometers long, a stretch of green, will create new places to walk, play and relax, at the same time improving the city`s air quality and climate. BUGA* is also part of Mannheim`s North East Green Corridor Project, connecting 230 hectares of green areas forming a corridor stretching into the city centre.

One major highlight will be a 2 km long (funicular) overhead cable car system spanning the river Neckar, and connecting Luisenpark with the new BUGA*-Grounds.

Bright prospects: Creating a healthy environment for Mannheim`s future, climate-neutral in harmony with the natural environment. BUGA 23* is an innovative experimental field for living together in the city sustainably. It complies with the UN Sustainability goals which are incorporated in Mannheim`s mission statement for 2030.

Solutions to problems and challenges of our time will be explored relating to climate, the environment, sustainable agricultural production and food security.


BUGA* Mann­heim 2023 at a glance


April to October 2023


Spinelli-Park and Luisenpark, Mannheim


Flower shows, recreation areas, a fresh air corridor, a species conservation area, cultural events, catering and culinary delights, leisure and sporting events, lectures, presentations and innovation on current themes: climate, energy, the environment and sustainable agriculture and food security.

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